LT-Racing Suspension Services

Why should you choose LT-Racing?

  • All work performed by Factory Trained Master Technicians.
  • Many shops only tune 1/3 of the fork by only concentrating on the compression valving. With LTR, you get a complete revalve with all circuits inspected, serviced, and tuned to work in unison. 
  • At LT-Racing, we have the advantage of having our own machining tools on site. These are used to make our custom parts, special tools, perform modifications, and to make repairs.
  • The best value with competitive pricing, fast turnaround time, and highest customer satisfaction.

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Fork Revalve 

Get your machine balanced and under control. Custom tailored valving and spring setup for your ability, height, weight & riding style preferences. We disassemble, inspect and clean all internal and external components, flush and inspect the cartridge unit, cylinder head seals and sealing rings. We precision lap all valve-sealing surfaces, custom tailor all hydraulic valving circuits and carefully reassembled, set up pre-load, fluid level and clicker settings. Our revalve service includes fluid and necessary shims. On most applications it will also include custom small parts per the application. (Usually more than $50 additional charge from other shops)


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$209.95 plus wear parts if needed

Shock Revalve

Custom tailored valving and spring setup for your ability, height, weight & riding style preferences. Get that machine to hook up, track straight and utilize your horsepower. We disassemble, inspect and clean all internal and external components, flush body and inspect piston rings, head seals and bushings (replacement parts extra). Precision lap piston sealing faces, custom tailor hydraulic valving, reassemble, refill with high quality fluid, bleed, recharge nitrogen and set spring pre-load and clicker settings.Our revalve service includes fluid and necessary shims (Up to a $50 -usually more- additional charge from other shops)

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$169.95 plus wear parts if needed 

Suspension Lowering

Includes custom machined internal spacers, call ahead regarding this service. Application may require shorter custom made springs available through LT Racing. This service is offered in conjunction with fork and shock re-valve labor. More information regarding this service is here

$55.00 Shock/$40.00 Forks this service is in conjunction with revalve labor.

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Fork/Shock Rebuild/Reseal

Our fork/shock rebuild operation is a full disassembly, cleaning and flushing of your components. Seals and bushings are replaced when needed (parts additional) The piston and valve faces are precision lapped and the mid/check valve shims are replaced or check plates refinished. O-rings and piston rings are inspected and replaced if needed. This is basically our revalve service without building new valving stacks. Includes fluid and fork check valve/mid valve face shims.

Forks $135 plus wear parts

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Shock $115 plus wear parts

Fork/Shock Service 

Our fork and shock service is a comprehensive cleaning and fluid change. It is much more than a fluid dump and refill. For the fork service, the base valve, cartridge assembly’s and springs are removed and cleaned, the fork tubes are flushed out completely, then we inspect for any unusual wear. They are reassembled with fresh fluid set at the correct level and clickers are set. This same basic procedure is carried out for your shock and the nitrogen is then re-charged with the clickers adjusted and spring pre-load set. Includes fluid

How often should this be done? Depending on your specific conditions and use/abuse, usually every 20 to 40 hours is sufficient. More often for constantly aggressive riding, but you can push it out a bit if you’re a little more casual or less demanding.

Forks $115

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Shock $95

Please submit a suspension setup worksheet with your order and read the shipping guidelines. A summary of part pricing is available on line, we offer very competitive pricing on springs, seals, bushings and accessories with our services. It is best to contact us regarding a beneficial turn around time that will work within your time frame. We invite you to contact us for additional assistance or questions you may have.


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