Sachs Shock Countermeasure Repairs

We get a lot of requests for the 2 countermeasure repairs for Sachs shocks from overseas and abroad. Actually we get a lot inquiries from other tuners and D.I.Y. customers on how to fix the noise and the fade issues associated with the Sachs. These repairs work, we know they do. Its time to spill the beans.....

Here are the cures

To repair the noise; If your shock has the rebound check valve circuit (most 2008 to present Husqvarna’s and SOME, not all 2009 to present GasGas machines).

Sachs check circ.1

You can identify this circuit by the 10 mm hex cap retainer on top of the 12 mm hex sleeve on TOP of the shock shaft. It will look like this. Note; the dimensions listed apply to the 18 mm shaft. 16 mm shaft uses smaller dimensions throughout.

Remove the 10 mm hex cap, you will then find the check spring then a 5.5 mm check ball. Replace this ball with a 4.75 mm (preferred) to 5.0 mm ball. Noise is fixed, circuit works exactly the same without the moan, groan and hideous vibration noise.

To repair the fade or loss of damping; This update will require a new piston ring and expander O-ring. The Husky TE610 Sachs shock uses the Teflon coated metal piston ring as opposed to the Teflon base piston ring used on most others. Problem is, you must purchase a complete rebuild kit from Husky to obtain this part. We have found that the KTM shock uses a very similar part, so order a KTM P/N 50180135 (shown in above picture). then you MUST use a different expander O-ring, the new O-ring should measure 2.85 mm thick (2.5 mm is stock) in Viton material. These are tricky to come by, but you may carefully machine the O-ring groove to accommodate another size.

You may be slightly undersize in the diameter but it is essential that the new expander O-ring applies the correct tension to the piston ring and cylinder bore. To check this, note the new piston ring end gap, it should compress about 1.5 mm when the piston is installed in the cylinder bore. This is very important.


  • We keep plenty of these countermeasure parts on hand for our customers that send their components in for repair. WE DO NOT RETAIL THE PARTS ONLY, SO DON’T ASK.
  • Some Sachs shocks have 2 O-ring groves, most have one.
  • Some very Late 2009 to current model Husky’s have a completely different piston ring/piston configuration and this does NOT apply!
  • You never know what exact configuration might be in a GasGas Sachs, the Husky/Sachs has been updating the later models, do your OWN research before updating.
  • Now that your piston ring seals, we carry out other modifications that insure consistent, reliable and repeatable damping characteristics for this shock. It is part of our revalve/setup service for our customers components.


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