My 1974 CR125 Elsinore, may be for sale?


My buck and a quarter Elsinore as it is today. I know its supposed to be silver with a green stripe, but it ain’t, so there. Its also supposed to be a 1974 model, but its an EARLY production unit and the title says its a 1973, its one of the early first batch that made it here in late ‘73 and changed motocross history forever.

 It has the full on factory optional GP racing kit too! That’s a very rare kit these days and most people didn’t even know it existed back then. The kit consisted of a larger carburetor, exhaust pipe, boost port cylinder and the little engine mud guard you see. The pipe stinger was altered along the way but this bike and the GP kit came all together at the same time from the dealer and they are still together today. It has some other parts on it that aren’t stock, but this is similar to how I raced it back in the day, but with different shocks in the lay-down position.


This thing is LOUD, especially by today’s standards. It screams noise like only a 125 Elsinore can, they are very distinct sounding. My wife thinks I don’t hear just her, truth is my ears have been punished over the years but I can’t convince her of that! I really like quiet bikes now, as long as they sound GOOD, but quiet. The 125 only runs castor bean oil premix and it smells incredible, if you ever get to smell it you’ll never forget it and it will certainly remind you that’s the smell of racing. Its sweet, bean oil makes my blood boil! You are missing out if you’ve never experienced it. It lubricates really well, just a bit more maintenance procedure to use it. Well worth the extra work, keeps you young and cures erectile disfunction to boot.

A few other non stock parts are the beefy T&M aluminum swingarm and FOX Airshox. A 32 mm Mikuni and a Webco head. I still have most all the stock stuff stashed away including a complete CR100 sleeve down kit with Webco head for the ultimate cheater bike!

In about 1996 I stripped the frame down and laid a new coat of lacquer black on it. The fuel tank is off of a 1976 model, the dealership I was working for back in the day was going to throw it out, I saved it. Instead of stripping perfectly good stock paint/decals off I decided to refinish the worn stock side panels and front number plate to the same Tahitian red color, these are actually the originals that came on the bike, slightly modified. The fenders are fresh off a 1987 CR125. They were there, not being used so they went on. I have some stock fenders for it but haven’t been in much of a hurry to paint and change them out. The shifter and brake pedal are OEM new replacement spares I had, they have barely been tapped on since replaced.


The spindly stock forks have a Trickit damper rod kit. The transmission gears have all been magnafluxed, shot peened and undercut. I made the case guard and modified the cover after the stock 428 chain once again failed. Then fitted a Pro-Tec chain tensioner and a 520 chain kit. The 520 really is about the same weight as 428 all said and done. I can’t believe people these days putting stupid, wimpy, worthless 428 chain on anything bigger than a mini bike.


Racing the Elsinore at Jolly Rogers Race track


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